Monday, March 1, 2010

I got caught by a Trojan horse trap from Face Book

By clicking a link from a trusted user (I thought) but it turns out it was the trojan virus she had clicked on that sent the email under her name. UH OH!
Even though my virus program has trapped it time and again it is still popping up an Internet Explorer page, trapped by AVG each time and a porn video site that I in NO WAY want to chat with.  AARRGH! 


  1. I got it on Saturday. Had to reconfigure my whole system! I didn't even click on any email. It just came to me from fb. My computer guy told me that just by getting on fb they can attack-people are getting them from Farmville & Mafia Wars.

  2. A friend posted this on FB:

    THERE IS A VIRUS BEING SPREAD THRU YOUR MESSAGE INBOX! IF YOU GET A MESSAGE TITLED YOUTUBE, DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY! DO NOT OPEN. IT WILL LOOK LIKE IT IS FROM A FRIEND. PLEASE PROTECT YOURSELF! COPY AND PASTE TO LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW! These messages are changing. Not just from Y O U T U B E now. It is coming from people ...I don't know. It only lists their first names and maybe a name of someone I do know.