Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Sad Case of the Narcissist President

I suppose you have to be something of a narcissist to even think of running for the presidency, but this ONE goes beyond what we could have ever imagined.  He is what looks to me like a marxist, but some would argue, and I am beginning to agree, that it is really ALL ABOUT ME as far as  he is concerned. 

When arguing for HIS healthcare bill he argues it will define his presidency, not about what it will actually do for the future of this country. Oh yes, he says it will bring healthcare to millions, have no death panels, etc. etc. etc. Yet it all comes down to his presidency. 

Well, Shakespeare was smart enough to know a rose by any other name would smell as sweet and death panels under another name are even now rationing medical care, whether through insurance or Medicare or Medicaid.  That is not going to change, it can only get worse.

Austin Hill in a Townhall column today asks the question, "Is President Obama At War With America?  He says,
If a frontal assault on the foundational principals and values of American life can qualify as being “at war” - then yes, Barack Obama is in combat with our country. And while the belligerence of both his administration and his party’s congressional leadership have seemingly created a sense of alarm across the U.S., their apparent disregard for their own self-inflicted political damage is all the more staggering.
He discusses what is happening to the US abroad due to the policies and what is happening here at home. Cronyism and outright bribery for votes that are really undermining our American way. Granted we have always had crooked and almost crooked politicians but we have never been so undermined at home and abroad for the benefit of one man.
The paragraph of his post that most called out to me and started me on this post was this:
Yet at the epicenter of all of this – all the bribes, manipulations, and heavy-handed mandates – is the narrow, political self-interest of one man: Barack Obama. America’s cultural “right” decries the loss of freedom and the rise of abusive government, while the “left” decries a government that lines the pockets of for-profit corporations (companies that are presumed to be “greedy”), all for the benefit of one self-serving politician.
The Democrats, should our republic survive, will be known for this for a long, long time after I am gone from this earth.  They have let one man, along with leaders in the house and senate, change our way of life forever. This is true whether or not the bill passes.
Read all of Austin Hill's column here.

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