Friday, March 5, 2010

Term Limits for Everyone

Term limits was discussed at our local 912 Texans for Freedom Group.  Our term limit discussion started with the proposed resolutions for the precinct conventions and then state conventions. We mainly discussed term limits for congress, both houses.

We also discussed The Texas State Board of Education and the textbook selections for all state school.  What it didn't occur to us to discuss was term limits for ALL elected officials. What we discussed was that there should be more local control of what is taught and other states should do their own textbook managing.

While reading the Chronicle online I noticed this:
Voters in the Republican primary basically guaranteed a new look for the State Board of Education by removing controversial member Don McLeroy and ending the 26-year board career of Geraldine “Tincy” Miller.
McLeroy's leadership as one of the board's seven social conservatives, and his opposition to the teaching of evolution, made him a strong ally for conservative Christian groups and a lightning rod for educators.
Like McLeroy, Miller was a former chair of the 15-member board. But her moderate-to-conservative approach did not attract organized opposition.
Now, I have not followed closely the comings and going of all the textbook committee, or their positions on any issue. What I am pointing out in this post is TERM LIMITS. Twenty-six years is too long for anyone to be on the state Board of Education, textbook committee or any other elected post .We need term limits for every elected official. 

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