Sunday, March 7, 2010

Maybe Tom Friedman does Understand Capitalism, after all

In today's New York Times column he talks about some who are innovating and moving forward even with the recession.
The thing I love most about America is that there’s always somebody who doesn’t get the word — somebody who doesn’t understand that in a Great Recession you’re supposed to hunker down, downsize and just hold on for dear life. I have a couple of friends who fit that bill, who think a recession is a dandy time to try to discover better and cheaper ways to do things. They both happen to be Indian-Americans — one a son of the Himalayas, who came to America on a scholarship and went to work for NASA to try to find a way to Mars; the other a son of New Delhi, who came here and found the Sun, Sun Microsystems. Both are serial innovators. Both are now shepherding clean-tech start-ups that have the potential to be disruptive game changers. They don’t know from hunkering down. They just didn’t get the word.
Read it all, it will make you feel better. He doesn't seem to understand we don't need to change the atmosphere, but as long as that is what they are trying to do, they are using the by-products of combustion in a very innovative, capitalistic way. Now I wish he would understand the very fraudulent way global warming has been pushed on us.

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