Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Even Zambia Realizes We are on the Wrong Track

Booker Rising is a Black Moderate/Conservative site that does with Black conservatives what I am doing here, taking the good stuff and posting  so others can see it.  It is a site I check every day.
Here it has
The Zambian libertarian journalist slams U.S. President Barack Obama's attack on American exceptionalism: "Barack Obama’s biggest problem is just a lack of knowledge of history. He has a very innocent and aggressively passionate ignorance about him. I don’t think he knows that his ideas have been common in every society in the world. He speaks as if he’s made a novel discovery. What he doesn’t know is that the USA became the greatest nation in history precisely because it departed from the common economic structure of the rest of the world. Whereas every society in history has thought that it is the noble duty of the state or king or chief to economically provide for all the people and to ensure that no one lacked in any basic needs (by ensuring that no individual had 'too much' or 'too little'), America invented a counterintuitive system of making human achievement a private matter. Every man was to have the inviolable right of pursuing his own happiness. The 'king' was to stay out of the way."
When a commenter in Zambia can see what is happening way over here I think it is time for all the commentators over here to sit up and take note.  Read the rest in Booker Rising here.
Read the original here.

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