Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Big Surprise, Not!

Unemployment rate remains at 9.7 percent

Economists had expected the snowstorms to have a bigger impact, but job losses were surprisingly mild in February as employers cut 36,000 jobs.
A few days ago while listening to news on the radio we heard how bad the snowstorms were going to impact unemployment. We had the thought that the MSM and Obama administration were try to lessen the impact of bad news.
The snowstorm wouldn't actually have anything to do with unemployment, just with how many days were worked. It might have an impact on how much money would be made by department stores and individual as no one would be shopping anywhere but the grocery stores and individuals would not make as much if they were unpaid days off.
It doesn't have anything to do with unemployment as an immediate effect. It may later, as some smaller stores may have to close because of their financial situation. But with this headline The One is covered. Not his fault.  Move along.

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