Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What did You think of Obama's speech from the Oval Office UPDATED

I didn't watch and to tell the truth I have not read all the articles. Nor have I watched all the commentators on TV.  But I watched some and I read some.  These are all links referring to the speech, not all the links there are, just the ones I ran across.  Some from the original posts,  some via Lucianne. All are interesting.

LA Times by Andrew Malcolm via Lucianne:
Obama's speech: There's a pipe spewing a gazillion gobs of oil into the gulf, so let's build more windmills

Washington Post, by Michael Gerson:
Obama's address: grand setting, weak policies

Washington Post online Front page by Scott Wilson and Anne E. Kornblut:
In address, Obama presses for clean energy
(note: this is supposedly a news item, not an editorial)

Washington Post Business Opinion by Steven Pearlstein:
Bring on the Barack and Tony Show

Washington Post "The Fix" by Chris Cillizza:
Obama hammers BP in Oval Office Speech  (definitely opinion)

From the Washington Examiner by Byron York via Lucianne:
Obama's disastrous Gulf disaster team

From Newsweeks's Ben Adler via Lucianne: ( a blog)
Obama Chickens out on Energy

the American Thinker blog by Thomas Lifson:
Obama's First Oval Office Speech a 'Flop'

Michelle Malking doesn't like having a new Czar:(definitely a right wing blog)
Stuck on stupid: Obama’s czar fetish

From L A Times via Lucianne: (not  actually about the speech)
The gulf tragedy doesn't negate the fact that oil is a green fuel
By Jonah Goldberg

From American Thinker Blog by W. R. Wansley:
What we didn't hear from Obama last night

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