Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good News on Babies in China

Apparently they are having more babies, more girls than the official count shows.  This from the Telegraph UK via Instapundit.
As many as three million Chinese babies are hidden by their parents every year in order to get around the country’s one-child policy, a researcher has discovered.
By Malcolm Moore in Xiamen
"I am the biggest offender against the one-child policy in China!" laughed Fu Yang, a wiry and energetic 47-year-old man, as he fidgeted and poured tea. "I had seven daughters in just ten years."
Mr Fu and his rather more reserved wife are among the millions of Chinese parents who risk threats, fines and even imprisonment in order to defy the country's one-child policy. The couple, who now live a prosperous life in a small village outside the southern city of Xiamen, have had to flee across three provinces and hide their children with friends in the past.
This is good news, a delightful and charming story.  Read it all, apparently the lack of wives for the boys is not as severe as the government thinks. 

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