Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Americans still have heart

You will love reading this story.  This is a story about us, this is America and the American Spirit. via Lucianne:

HOWELL — An Army paratrooper says he and his family were not going to start "kicking rocks" over the theft of a few personal items last week while he was home on emergency leave for his father's funeral.
"We just said there wasn't going to be any "Oh poor me' about this," explained Spc. John Lee, 38, formerly of Howell, now based with the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team in Vicenza, Italy, and serving in Afghanistan.
The items were stolen when he returned here on emergency leave following the death of his father on May 27.
"Kicking rocks" is a popular military term that refers to the reaction of some people who let personal setbacks get them down and walk around with their heads down, kicking rocks.
But the Lees found out quickly there was not going to be a need to go around kicking rocks when they became the benefactors of an outpouring from the community after his laptop and some items belonging to his children were stolen last week.
And now, he said, the theft will actually be a morale booster for him, his family and the other paratroopers he soon will rejoin in Afghanistan.
Go here to read the rest of this heart warming story of the American spirit of generostity.

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