Monday, June 7, 2010

This is why Rush calls them "seminar callers"

From Ann Althouse:
Some hosts may challenge your views. Stay calm and firm....
And "discussion points":
Elena Kagan understands how the law affects ordinary Americans, giving a great deal of thought to legal issues which profoundly affect Americans’ everyday lives – including freedom of speech and government policy making.
If you say that, maybe the host will say: "What do you mean she's given a great deal of thought to government policy making? What does government policy making have to do with being a Supreme Court Justice and why should I care about the large amount of thought that's been given? Has she thought well and what does she think about law?" If that happens, stay calm and firm! And say what?
Thanks, Ann for giving a far better discussion than I could.  Be sure to go to the Organizing for America page:  We are always being conned by our current president.

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