Monday, June 21, 2010

Oil Spill Politics

From Wizbang. I'm not sure I have the same take on the seriousness of the situation, or at least the fear of the long term disaster he is worried about.  But read it all, make you own conclusions. This is written by Jay Tea.
I've always been enamored of Professor Glenn Reynolds' oft-repeated aphorism: "I'll believe there's a crisis when the people who say there's a crisis act like there's a crisis." It's a great BS detector, but it has some corollaries that I'm finding truly terrifying.
What does it mean when those people say there's a crisis, I agree that there's a crisis, but they refuse to act like there's a crisis?
I speak, of course, about the Gulf oil spill.
I read the alleged inside account of the situation Kevin posted last week, and come to the conclusion that the anonymous author is a lousy writer, but seems to know his shit. And the conclusion I drew from that -- as well as what so many others have said -- is that the situation below the former Deepwater Horizon platform is developing into an ecological catastrophe that could scar -- and economically cripple -- the US for a very, very long time.
This is Katrina bad. This is 9/11 bad. This is JFK Assassination bad. This is Pearl Harbor bad.
Read the rest of this post and then the comments, there are some good ones, and some of the usual ugly drivel.

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