Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Concerned Conservative is Completely Out of Patience

I've found I am completely out of patience today - or almost completely out of patience. I have pulled back some when it comes to retorts on Facebook or with my grandchildren, and I have left my husband out of my wrath. But I am tired and I am angry that General McChrystal jeopardizes our troups to speak his mind, or allow his aides to speak theirs, to Rolling Stone magazine, of all places!!! It is bad enough that President Obama doesn't take the war seriously enough, but for a commanding general to allow this....!!!! It just doesn't make sense. I have talked with a Marine back only 3 weeks from Afghanistan and he thinks we can win the war, and he further thinks the insurgents there are from other Arab states and not Afghanistan. Generals should lead their men, not abandon them!!!

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