Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some McChrystal Commentary links

First, from my favorite,  Victor Davis Hanson (Pajama Media):
McChrystal’s Tragedy

Next we hear from the Washington Post:
Gen. David Petraeus: The right commander for Afghanistan
by David Ignatius
ed. note: remember to look up what he had to say re: Gen Betrayus.

The wound that Stanley McChrystal opened
by E J Dionne

McChrystal had to go
by George Will

McChrystal's lack of political skills led to downfall
by Greg Jaffe

and their final (by Rockport Conservative) editorial:
Change of Command

I suspect most of you, like me, have read enough, heard enough, so maybe, just maybe this will be the last of them.  If I find anymore you need to see I will  update this post.
For more information on this and much more go on over and visit the NRO front page. Lots of good links and commentary, as well as true information.

From The Atlantic and a very important read.
Killing the Horse Midstream
by D.B. Grady is a former paratrooper with U.S. Army Special Operations Command and a veteran of Afghanistan. He is the author of Red Planet Noir.

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