Sunday, June 6, 2010

An Alternative Universe, our surreal government

Four or five years ago when I first considered writing a blog the name I was planning to use was Surrealities.  Little did I know how surreal it would become.
This is how surreal it is:
By Terence P. Jeffrey, Editor-in-Chief CNSNews
The U.S. Census purposefully hired more workers than it needed, telling the Office of the Inspector General of the Commerce Department that it did so as a “cost-saving measure,” according to a memorandum that Todd J. Zinser of the inspector general’s office sent to Census Bureau Director Robert Groves last week. 
“According to Census,” said Zinser’s May 26 memo to Groves, “‘frontloading’ its workforce (i.e. hiring and training more enumerators than necessary to offset turnover) is a cost-saving measure.” The inspector general’s memo, however, suggested that in at least one Census Bureau operation excessive staff had increased the “cost of operations” and that in another operation deployment of an unnecessarily large number of workers "increased the operation’s direct labor and travel costs." (ed. note: gee, ya think?)
It is bad enough to know of  this one specific instance, but when you multiply that by everything else going on in our government you may think you have entered the twilight zone. It is definitely a surreal time.

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