Friday, July 31, 2009

National Review Online

You might have noticed I link to many articles from National Review Online.
This one by Mona Charen is well worth reading. It is a book review of George Gilder's The Israel Test.

The thesis of George Gilder’s The Israel Test is this: Today’s hatred of Israel is feeding off the same poison that has nourished anti-Semitism troughout history. Go give it a read.

While you are there have a look at The God Who Bleeds by Jonah Goldberg. Who writes:

In one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek, Captain Kirk is mistaken for a god by inhabitants of a planet of Native Americans (it’s a long story). The illusion works for Kirk until a jealous shaman cuts Kirk’s hand, revealing that the divine being is just a man after all. “Behold! A god who bleeds!” the shaman mocks, exposing Kirk as a fraud to the rest of the tribe.

It may sound like a stretch — and, let’s be fair, it is — but I keep thinking of that episode when I look Barack Obama’s poll numbers these days.

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