Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chicago Politics in Washington? Yes.

I've always thought we should be afraid of a Chicago politician, ed.

Lynn Sweet, a Chicago Sun Times columnist says "THE 51ST WARD D.C. gathering could as easily have been in Daley's City Hall." She then proceeds to lay it all out.

WASHINGTON -- It's a Tuesday in June, and I am in one of the high-ceiling big rooms of the old office building next to the White House.
As I look around the room at the players assembled here -- including this scribe -- I'm thinking that with a few twists of fate, this all-Chicago gang could be huddling in Mayor Daley's City Hall. With so many prominent Chicagoans playing key roles in the Obama administration, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has become the 51st ward. In front of me is Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to President Obama who today is chairing a roundtable marking the 37th anniversary of Title IX, the sports equity law. Across the room is Arne Duncan, the education secretary. Seated in the first row is Tina Tchen, director of
the White House public engagement office. Leaning against a wall is Susan Sher, chief of staff for Michelle Obama. In back of me in the vestibule is Daniel Hornung, a graduate of the University of Chicago Lab School who is working this summer for Jarrett. He is a friend of the daughter of Desiree Rogers, the White House social secretary. Marilyn Katz, a public affairs consultant visiting from Chicago, is also at the Title IX event.
Jarrett, Sher, Duncan and Tchen were all Daley appointees on boards or in top posts at City Hall, as was Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel. David Axelrod was Daley's political adviser. First lady Michelle Obama worked a stint at City Hall.
The Chicagoans have replaced the Texans in the White House.

If you have the nerve, read the whole thing. It's scary.

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