Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mark Tapscott on Obamacare and the AARP

Mark Tapscott: Obamacare could kill AARP an editorial in the Washington Examiner.

It couldn't happen to a better organization.There are not enough perks to justify supporting such a leftist board. I realize many of the members have no idea, but really....
go read the whole thing not just this excerpt. And then send it to all your friends who still believe in the AARP.

Marketing operations don't get any slicker than the one behind AARP. Their invitation to join arrived in my mail box even before I turned 50. I joined for one year, but never renewed because I knew the truth about this famous group.

That truth is this: Millions join AARP and in return receive a host of useful services and resources. But their money and influence are hijacked to support causes that are absolutely inimical to their best interests.

The hijacking is the work of AARP's Washington staff, which is an integral part of the tireless liberal lobbying machine that runs 24/7 in the nation's capital pushing to protect and expand current government entitlements and to create costly new ones.

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