Monday, August 16, 2010

Why a ground Zero mosque?

Let’s get to the bottom like on this Ground zero Mosque controversy. I like all of you have heard the pros and cons over and over again and just like you I am getting a little tired of all the liberals defending the building of this Mosque and those who want to erect it so near to ground zero. Certainly I agree that in America a Mosque can be built just about anywhere, but this is not about the building of another Mosque it’s about where they want to build it.

We need to ask our selves why build it so close to ground zero? For those of you who believe it’s being built as a bridge between the Christian and Muslin faith I have a used car I’d like to sell you. It was only driven on Sunday by a little old lady never mind the 250,000 on the odometer who are you going to believe me or your own eyes?

The only reason they want to build this Mosque near ground zero is to remind Christian America of the great victory that was won by radical Islam of that terrible day when so many innocent Americans lost their lives. In other words they want to rub Christian America noses in the stench of Americans dead. So called bridges could be built anywhere but this Mosque will be simply be a monument to Islamic radicalism and their murder of thousands of Americans. Let us also understand that if the shoe was on the other foot and Christians wanted to build a church near the site of a terrible muslin tragedy these same liberals who howl like banshees, yes their uproar would be long and loud.

This Mosque will most likely be built and it will be built by money from terrorist organizations and the liberals will sit in their ivory towers and nod their collective heads in agreement, but let us remember them as we never forget those who died on that terrible September day. What can we do, not much as Washington long ago stopped listening to middle America, but on November 2nd we can vote them out of office, we can show the liberal elitists who control Washington just what the will of the people really is. Congress has forgotten that they are servants of the people, now is the time we stop the madness in Washington and return the government back to the American people.

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  1. You're so ignorant it's laughable.