Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Non-violent Jihad

I heard this explained today and it is not hysteria. It is one of those simple undercurrents lying just beneath the surface, that you know is true, although you tangibly cannot prove it. Only time and history will reveal the truth.

This Mosque in New York -- like most mosques, but this one has a special purpose-- is part of the non-violent Jihad that is much larger and dangerous than the violent one.

Millions of Muslims who, by their faith, are pushing for conversion of all others through a path that starts with the spreading of Mosques. If it was mere conversion to a philosophy, that would keep it on par with most religions. But Islam, like other bad religions, has too many sects that aim to control your life in evil and dangerous ways. No, it's not all Muslims. But the risk is great enough for us to be FULLY JUSTIFIED in viewing efforts like this Mosque in New York with a very cautious eye.

Meanwhile, that doesn't change the fact that Islamic facism was the key motive for 9-11 Attack. Islam was the driver.

The attack on the Twin Towers was part of the violent Jihad. This mosque very much seems to be part of the nonviolent Jihad -- where (as explained by someone more knowledgable than me) the path eventually leads to "asking" for the introduction of parts of Shariah Law under the guise of religious diversity/freedom, and as conversions grow and Muslim populations grow, then there is a push for more and more control -- and more parts of Shariah Law. The goal always the same -- total control. It may seem a little "extreme" to say that outloud, but hey, it's the truth.

This model is playing out all over the world. Luckily it does not work everywhere. And every day the world grows more leery of religions who condone the abuse of women. But... the quiet, non-violent Jihad also intensifies. And it takes root in susceptible ground -- where the lessons of history are forgotten, which means that place is doomed to repeat it. Young countries, fresh and untested relative to older countries, are ripe for the Shariah plucking.

That's why Islam is having a hard time growing in Germany. The country is old and experienced. History of controlling (dangerous) philosophies is fresh in their minds.

It is much easier and safer to wage this quiet Jihad in the United States -- land of the free. Where anyone who is against you will be labeled and attacked by the great and loud left, supported by the mainstream media who will be sure not to call you a racist, but will shout the news that others are calling you a racist, or bigoted and "against freedom of religion." And they shout it in a way that rarely, if ever, supports or even shows a different point of view.

This nonviolent Jihad is the greater movement and the more dangerous one. It is so much safer to conduct. And so much easier. And it is legal.

It is erosion of our culture, values and morals from within. Not all Muslims are bad. Just the ones who are supoprting terrorism and their peers in other countries who continue to adhere to meideval codes on how to treat women and children and control all others.

We are allowing this erosion of common sense and values because it is wrapped in a thin veneer of "equality". Like plywood with an oak veneer, it is not the real thing. And when it wears off, we'll be left to deal with the crumbling remains of our American culture.

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