Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Lot about the Mosque

There is so much being written about the proposed Mosque at ground zero by the MSM I am not planning to link to any of it. Just know any MSM site will generally have something that tells us why we should be for it, if we are not we are Islamaphobes, racists, etc. and besides it is not even near ground zero.  Be aware, it is ground zero, so much so that an engine from Mohammed Atta's stolen jet crashed into it.  Many people are saying it has nothing to do with ground zero, "why, it is two blocks away."  It was only for sale because  the the jet engine crashed through and it was not possible to be restored because of it.

So now for all the stories on the mosque and the builder of it:
9/11 MOSQUE IMAM BOASTS, "Obama's historic speech in Egypt came from me!"
Be sure you read this one. Here is the main boast.
“The speech was wonderful and wise in his choice of words, the Prime Minister of Malaysia after the speech disclosed to me that it is now easy for any president of a Muslim country to establish good relations with America, and I AM NOT GOING TO HIDE FROM YOU THAT ONE OF THOSE WHO PARTICIPATED IN WRITING THE SPEECH, TRANSFERRED ENTIRE PARTS OF MY BOOK ‘A NEW VISION FOR MUSLIMS AND THE WEST’, which he referred to U.S. interests being compatible with top interests of the Muslim world”.

Why Can’t the MSM Investigate Rauf’s Shariah Index Project?
There is plenty of available, verifiable information that belongs in the GZM debate.
A quote from the article:
On their website you can only find pieces of information about the Shariah Index Project, one of the main activities of the Cordoba Initiative, the organization of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. But thanks to Christine Brim, chief operating officer at the Center for Security Policy, we know now a lot more about it.
Brim published a very informative background article, exposing the Shariah benchmark project run by the “close-to-Ground-Zero” imam. Be sure to read all  links.
Imam Rauf and the State Department:The Truth About our Man in the Middle East
by Ron Radosh
Imam Rauf’s Love of ‘Iranian Democracy’ by Michael Ledeen
A Test of Tolerance by Christopher Hitchens
Read all three of these last ones, they tell the truth, they are very important.

UPDATE: even more -

From an Actual Moderate Muslim, a Memo to the MSM on Imam Rauf(Also read Claudia Rosett: "And Now, Daisy Khan’s $12,000 Taxpayer-Funded Trip to the UAE.") 
As an African American Muslim convert for nearly a quarter century, I believe I’ve earned the right to weigh in on the bitter controversy surrounding the proposed mosque at Ground Zero. by Abdur-Rahman Muhammad
The Mosque Behind the Mask by Dick Morris

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