Saturday, August 14, 2010

November 2nd a day of destiny

November 2nd a day of destiny for America, will either be a new beginning for America or the end of America as we know it. Make no mistake about it by the morning of the 3rd of November it will become clear what the fate of America will be. Never before has the choice been so clear or critical as this mid term election is not really between Democrats and Republicans but is in fact a battle for the heart and soul of America. Two opposing forces are fighting for the future of America; on one hand we have the powerful progressive democratic forces whose vision of America has been clearly shown since President Obama assumed office. Can any doubt that President Obamas vision for America is one of a socialist welfare state run by a leftist elite for the benefit of the non working poor which has been aided and abetted by a rubber stamp Democratic controlled congress. In the last 18+ months many of his goals in turning America into a cradle to grave welfare state have been accomplished. Appositions by an out gunned and out of power Republican Party has been swept aside as Obama continues too push his socialist agenda down the throats of a bewildered America.

Opposing the democratic blitzkrieg is a coalition of conservative groups under the banner of the Republican Party, a party hampered by past missteps and distrusted by some who doubt their commitment to the conservative cause. Yet the issues are many and critical for the future of America. Some of the many issues that confront America are a crushing federal deficient, an every expanding intrusive federal government; a tepid economy with high unemployment and massive illegal immigration, but let us make no mistake about it; these issues are just symptomatic of the vast chasm that exists between the two visions of the future of America.
There are only two choices before us, one choice is an amoral socialist America where not even marriage is scared, an America ran by a democratic leftist elite who ignore the working middle class tax paying American while supporting special interest groups and those who are increasingly dependent on a federal cradle to grave welfare state for their very existence. The only other choice is to return to a government by and for all the people who make up this great nation, a nation led by middle class working Americans who believe that Christian leaders, principles and Christian morality are essential to the American way of life.
This November will decide if we will live in an America where the government is in control of her citizens or where her citizens are in control of the government. Obamas vision is of an America where the working middle class serve the government who in all its wisdom consider us to be at best naughty small children who need a strong intrusive guiding hand via the federal government to lead and instruct us while they make the decisions that we are to ignorant to make for ourselves. This is not my vision of America nor is it I feel yours and is certainly not the vision of our founding fathers as the framed the constitution of the United States. For those of us who do not want to see our great Nation turned into a socialist nation in which the federal government is all powerful there is only one choice to make this November. If we believe in individual freedom, Christian principles and responsibilities we must defeat those who have failed America and stop the madness that is consuming Washington and our freedom.

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