Monday, August 2, 2010

Governing - by my friend Annie Kitay

How often have we heard those running for office say they will vote their conscience. Look at the mess that's gotten us in. I say - ask yourself - is it granted or supported by the Constitution? That should be your conscience talking to you - if not question who is whispering in your ear!

I say - you have not been elected (chosen) to be 'in charge' of anything - rather you have been chosen / charged with serving this country according to the Constitution and that is your sole responsibility. You are not 'in charge' of anything - zilch!

Metaphor: the shoe you are trying to shove our foot into doesn't fit.

If there is one thing I cannot abide aside from liars it is junkies - our so-called leaders are hooked! They are power junkies. I guess a lot of them are liars too. Obfuscators. Cowards hiding under the umbrella of it's just 'politics'. Picture if you will the great men of power today sitting in the same room with the likes of Daniel Boone, smelly backwoodsman, who actually had a passion, a real sense of justice, the instinct to serve and the common sense to go home to earn his living!

I am so proud of and in awe of the men who came together and poured their ideas on the table and sorted through them repeatedly, trying with all their might to make them fool-proof (That's a good word for it). They were extraordinary ordinary men - they argued, drank, probably spat a lot - look at all the spittoons laying around - smoked, fornicated, fought duels, while running the farm or business or were just out flying a kite! Some were gourmands who indulged every chance they got. They were plotters, planners, dreamers - they were fighting for their own State to get the larger piece of the pie - in the final analysis - reconciled. They were not entirely happy with the document so they wrote amendments. They labored - think of that word - roll it around in your mouth - when was the last time we "labored" over anything. The majority of them were self educated. Most were considered ordained ministers. Sunday services being held in the same house they built to house the Congress they'd created. It was after early Washington and the largest place to gather. Prayers under the dome! Oh but that I could have been there!

Actually they sound like the kind of men I could understand, would like to hang out with - even the kind of men I could fall in love with. Men who dared to dream hugely yet keep their feet solidly on the ground. annie on a monday morning -y'all be real careful which rock you turn over, okay?

I received this as an email from Annie this morning. I often get words of wisdom from her attached to something she thinks I shoud read.  This is an original. She is a great thinker and from the looks of this, a great writer. 
Thank you, Annie, I'm expecting more of the same! 

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