Monday, August 23, 2010

Lying to Congress - an email I received

I haven't posted emails here unless I go to the original source for the story.  This one is so good I have to pass it on.  I don't have the original source, but feel free to pass it on as an email.

A friend of my wife vented today and wrapped her frustration with Congress in a tight wad that formed a cannonball. I just had to pass along her thoughts as they parallel mine.

Subject: Roger Clemens and Congress

While driving home yesterday I was taken aback when I heard that baseball great, Roger Clemens, is being indicted for lying to Congress and could go to prison for 30 years. This email is by no means a defense of lying or a defense of steroids but I found it absolutely incredible when I heard the words “lying to Congress.” I actually found myself laughing. Was the announcer talking about the same Congress that we have in Washington?

I am having a difficult time wrapping my mind around the picture of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, and countless others whose names escape me now who are congressmen and women sitting in judgment of someone who lied about taking steroids when they lie, deceive, and steal from us every day. Are we talking about the same folks who don’t report all of their earnings, don’t pay their taxes, or feather their own nests or that of their spouses with government contracts, sitting in judgment of Roger Clemens? Please clarify for me…are we talking about the same people who by the sin of omission allow our borders to be a sieve and wage war against the state of Arizona for trying to protect her citizens? Surely I am mistaken that we’re not talking about the likes of Nancy Pelosi who wants to investigate 911 families or anyone else who is opposed to the victory mosque on ground zero but will not investigate who is funding the mosque.

Congress should be indicted by the American people! If we cannot throw 30 years then we need to throw them out of office forever and push for term limits.them in jail for  Every day I get more incensed at the absolute disdain our “public servants” have for us - for you and me, the American people.

I cannot tell you what to do but I just had to do something to get this subject out and discussed in the clear light of day. I will be praying, and I will write my congressmen and then wait for their form letters on the supplies that we have paid for which will undoubtedly ignore any thing I said in my letter. I heard a quote on Turning Point Monday morning related to illness and it was something like “don’t deny the diagnosis but defy the verdict.” I think we can all diagnose what is wrong with our country but please don’t sit quietly by and accept the verdict.

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