Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Christians duty to America

Is America still a Christian nation? That would depend on your definition of the term Christian nation. One thing is certain for many years Christianity has been under attack in America by those on the far left and the faith of our fathers has sorely suffered as a result. I really don’t need to cite the literally hundreds of attacks on Christianity that have taken place across America in recent years. The latest attack has certainly grabbed headlines across our nation as the ban on same sex marriage approved by California voters was recently over turned by the courts as being unconstitutional. This is not the first time when mans law has come into conflict with Gods law and when this happens the bible makes it clear whose law Christians are to obey.

Yet even as the attacks against fundamental Christianity continue many Christians seem unsure what the Christians role in government should be. Is it that we are afraid to stand up and be counted; is it that we don’t feel that the best government is a Godly government based on Christian morality and Christian principles? What better leaders could America have than those who believe the Holy Bible is the unerring word of God and pray for guidance that they might lead our nation as God wills? We clearly see the fruits of Americans drift away from Christian principles; we all see the corruption and the lies that permeate American politics today.
Please do not misunderstand me it is not that God has removed his presence and his blessing from America but it is America who in many ways has turned it back on God. If Christians do not take a stand and seek out and elect men and women who by their life’s example have should a devotion to Christian teaching and principles we will have failed in our duty to our God and our country. Has not God blessed America in so many wonderful ways, does he still not have many more blessings to bestow on America?

If we are to truly be once again a Christian nation it is Christians who must lead the fight against the forces of unbelief that seek to bring America to its knees and replace her God given greatness with the fear and despair of unbelief. Let us make no mistake about, let us leave no doubt that Christians are ready willing and able to lead the fight for the heart and soul of America. Please take a stand and vote this November to elect bible believing Christians to represent us who will lead this nations by the will of God instead of the will of man.

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