Saturday, August 7, 2010

To the Taliban it is a Religious War

This depressing article is from the Washington Post.  We have fine Christian doctors who devote their time to many places around the globe, the Taliban is against that.  I'm wondering how many children were orphaned, how many widowed for the killing of these medical missionaries.  I also wonder how many Afghanies will not be helped because of this.
Attack kills U.S., foreign doctors on medical mission in northern Afghanistan
KABUL -- An attack on a caravan of American and European medical personnel in a remote area of northern Afghanistan has killed 10 people, officials said on Saturday.

Afghan officials said the group of doctors, traveling through northern provinces to provide medical care, were found shot to death and robbed of their belongings on Friday in Badakshan, a relatively peaceful mountain province which has nevertheless suffered from deteriorating security and a growing Taliban insurgency in recent years.

The group, which included foreigners and Afghans, appeared to be the same one that was working with the International Assistance Mission, an organization that has operated in Afghanistan since 1966. The organization confirmed in a statement that "it is likely" the dead are members of their eye camp team, which had been in Nurestan province at the invitation of the communities there.
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