Friday, April 30, 2010

Perry Reveals Himself on Immigration

Governor Rick Perry of Texas has proven himself a Republican, not a conservative in his statements against Arizona's new immigration law. For those of you who have suspected he's purely a political animal -- and not about representing the people of Texas -- here's more proof.

His statements sound like the usual rhetoric the Democrats (and big Republicans) spew when looking for reasons to not enforce our immigration policy and laws. They say it should be left to the Federal Government, they say it will cause racial profiling, they say it will lead to not trusting the police. They say this stuff and it all adds up to BS. And no enforcement.

Why are these things BS? Because the Feds aren't trying to enforce the laws. Racial profiling is not really an issue in modern law enforcement anymore, but the left still uses it as the new "race card" to attack anything they don't like that involves minorities. And if you are against local law enforcement telling the Border Patrol about suspected illegal immigrants, you are against enforcing immigration laws.

We hear it at the federal, state and local level from Dems and Reps alike. It's all the same B.S. But it comes down to no enforcement of immigration laws.

Various pundits have speculated (and I believe them) that Republicans like Perry (and George Bush) are against enforcing immigration laws because it is bad for business. Enforcing immigration laws will drive up the cost of wages. It will. When you use legal labor, you have to pay more. This will cost businesses more. But I'm okay with that because I think America is crowded enough. And I think enough Americans are unemployed.

It is currently estimated that somewhere between 7 and 8 million illegal immigrats are employed right now.

Businesses don't want to pay more for labor. And these businesses are what prop up the campaign coffers of Republicans (and Dems). So Perry and other big-time politicians would be shooting their major contributors in the foot if they actually enforce immigration laws. So they don't. And they haven't ever since the big "Immigration Reform Bill" of 1986 when mass amnesty was granted with a promise of enforcement.

Remember that? Amnesty happened. Enforcement never happened. And it basically still does not. There are some token raids. And the fence got started, and then defunded... Token actions. If the government wanted to, they could verify the social security card of every single worker in America -- citizens and non -- in a few weeks. But they don't.

I can track a package the second it leaves my hands until it is signed for by my Aunt Gwyne in Frankfurt three days later -- and see every transfer, stop and route it takes. But the most powerful government in the world cannot maintain the simplest database function we've got -- verifing an 8-digit number? Give me a break.

Protecting their big business friends is why Democrats and Republicans have not enforced immigration law much at all in the last 30 years. This is why most of the growth in this country's population has come from immigration. There has been more legal and illegal immigration in the last 30 years than the previous 100 years before that. The numbers are astounding. (Yep, it's true. See it here. Please watch Part 2 of this video to see the logic of why we need immigration control.)

Historic Immigration Levels (Legal)
1925-1965 Avg. 178,000 per year
1965-1989 Avg. 500,000 per year
1990s.....Avg. 800,000 per year
2000s.....Avg. 1,000,000 per year.

Why is unfettered immigration a problem? Overpopulation. Plain and simple. We're well on the way to overpopulation in the United States. And it is driven by uncontrolled immigration. We cannot give the American dream to every single person in the world who wants it. Sorry. We must help other nations to build their own dream in their country, before the American dream is drowned in overpopulation.

Think about it -- who is going to build the Meixcan Dream? The Chinese Dream? The Cuban Dream? The African Dream? We cannot take all comers.

Immigration basically has not been controlled. That means our nation's borders really haven't mattered. That is not good for many reasons.

Perry has shown himself a Republican, not a conservative on immigration. You don't even have to look closely to see that most "big" Democrats and Republicans are aligned on immigration -- for the same reason (as I just mentioned) cheap labor funds their campaigns. And makes their friends' companies more profitable.

Perry is also pro-toll road. And he is not conservative on eminent domain. Why not? Because toll roads are for his big business friends. And eminent domain allows big business friends to take your land from you and build their private hotels and malls.

Perry talks conservative, but look at this actions. Please look at his actions. He is all talk. You'll see there is no conservative in the next race for Texas governor.

Meanwhile, the country continues to fill with people. We've gone from 200 million to 300 million in 30 years. That's too much growth.

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