Thursday, April 8, 2010

Obama's take on Domestic Terrorism

Jake Boot in Big Journalism has this to say about it:
The AP story announcing the shift in Administration policy is incorrect. The Obama Administration has, in fact, redoubled its efforts to rid the world of extremist jihadists and terrorists — as long as they are connected with the Tea Party movement.
Even as it continues to do its Orwellian best to redefine our enemies from U.S. Hating Religious Fundamentalists to “disgruntled foreign nationals,” (as if they were a particularly impatient man on line at the Post Office), it has, using the full force of the government and mass media, begun scouring the country for genuinely disenfranchised Americans it can re-brand as dangerous — excuse me, “potentially” dangerous domestic terrorists.

Only in America in 2010 could groups defending the constitution be transformed by the press corps into villains who by their very beliefs may possibly, someday, inspire a demented individual to commit an act of violence be presented as a greater threat than groups and even countries who have actually made part of their charters the destruction of America and her allies.
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