Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thank You Glenn Beck, $5.8 Million for SOWF

This is from the military blog, The Thunder Run. I'm posting only portions so you can read it all at the website.
Through its partnership with radio/television talk show host Glenn Beck, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation is pleased to announce they have raised $5.8 million, far exceeding the original goal of $3 million, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Glenn Beck fans.
The public and businesses were moved by a series of radio and television promotions through the Glenn Beck Program which highlighted the foundation's programs to provide support and assistance to the families of wounded and fallen military special operations personnel. The SOWF was recently awarded its fifth consecutive 4-star rating for its financial efficiency. The promotion campaign, which included an online auction featuring collectible items, culminated with the Restoring Honor Rally held at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, on Aug. 28. 
You see, the people who went to Washington, and many of those who could not, definitely support our military and are happy to put their money on the table for those who serve.
Be sure to read it all here.

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