Friday, September 24, 2010

Morning Jolt comments on the Pledge

National Review Online's Morning Jolt . . . with Jim Geraghty  has a discussion on the "Pledge" that is worth reading. People at National Review are mainly pleased but have this to say about it:
It's interesting that the Pledge debate -- is it meant to rule or is it meant to fool? -- comes on the heels of the Great Conservative O'Donnell-Castle War, because once again we have what was once a relatively rare phenomenon, an issue or decision that appears to split the major voices on the right nearly down the middle.
But the battle lines are distinctly different: William Jacobson,....Andrew Roth of the Club for Growth, on the other hand, is disappointed,...
But I read this from Phil Klein of The American Spectator -- pretty much the opposite of the hair-trigger temper or fire-breather -- and I find myself drifting in his direction: ......
 But of all the reactions to the new GOP Pledge, this one, posted to the Corner by Kathryn, set me off the most: "While I support their attempt at redefining government, the politicians once again proved they cannot do anything with simplicity and eloquence. I read again the Declaration of Independence after reading The Pledge and was struck by The DoI's brevity and clarity -- two pages versus twenty some odd for The Pledge. The one launched the greatest nation the world has ever seen and the other . . . only time will tell.".....
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