Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remember Pearl Harbor, Remember 9/11

I am old enough I do remember Pearl Harbor and of course I remember 9/11.  We were traveling like we do in August and September, and were camped in one of the RV campgrounds in Yellowstone National Park.  I get up early and could just barely get the NPR station from West Yellowstone which is a town outside of the park.  So I heard it all in real time.  I knew at once we had been attacked, airliners don't just accidentally fly into buildings. I was listening when the second plane hit. I woke my husband, and then went to their RV and woke my sister and her husband. I told them we had been attacked.
Today MSNBC was running the whole mornings events at the exact moments they happened with no commercials.  I found it strange that such a liberal station was running it.
For years they would not even show the towers falling or pictures of the plane hitting the second building.
Why are they running this today on the 9th anniversary.  Is it because they want us aroused in anger and sadness? Is it because of the mosque? I wonder? I remember.

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