Friday, September 10, 2010

A Right to Free Speech

Ace of Spades blog has a post on the pastor who wanted to burn the Koran. Well, maybe he still wants to but a lot of pressure is being put on him not to do it. Including the FBI. Read this:
by DrewM
I think I've made it pretty clear I'm not a real big fan of the whole Koran burning thing. What I'm even less of a fan of is government coercion of legitimate, if abhorrent speech.
FBI agents visited Thursday with a minister of a small Florida church that plans to burn the Quran on Sept. 11, as public safety became a paramount concern and President Barack Obama added his voice to the chorus of opposition.
...The FBI spent about a half hour talking with Jones, but church spokesman Wayne Sapp would not disclose what they discussed. Agents leaving the church wouldn't talk to an Associated Press reporter.
Jones said earlier this week that agents have visited him twice since he announced his plans in July, the last visit about two weeks ago.
Now, I suppose it's possible Jones is caught up in something else unrelated to the Koran burning plans that has the legitimate interest of the FBI. However given the nature of this story and the unprecedented involvement of government officials in this matter (more in a minute on that), I think AG Holder and/or President Obama need to come out right away and make it clear that federal law enforcement officers are not being used to intimidate Jones.
I hope Congressman Daryl Issa adds this to his list of things to investigate come January of next year.
Until it's clear that the FBI was there on unrelated matters, I'm not giving this administration the benefit of the doubt.
Go here to read between the ellipses.

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