Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Reformation of the Republican Party

Marc Thiessen writing in the Washington Post speaks frankly about the need for reforming the party into a more conservative party.
If Republicans fall a few votes short of taking back the Senate in November, the Tea Party's detractors have their headline already written: "Extremist candidates cost GOP the majority." So let me put it out there well before Election Day: Who cares if Republicans win control of the Senate come November? If enough conservative insurgents are elected to put Republicans back in power, wonderful. But if a few falter, and the Democrats manage to keep control, that's fine as well. The Tea Party isn't going anywhere. Better to wait another election cycle and make certain the next Republican majority is a fiscally conservative majority.
The uprising of 2010 is not about a Republican restoration; it is about a Republican reformation.
Bottom line: Positive change in the Senate does not depend on the GOP taking the majority in November. Besides, even if Republicans were to win the House and Senate, President Obama is not likely to respond by declaring "the era of big government is over." The only way to end the era of big government is to elect a majority of fiscal conservatives.
If that requires a few election cycles, so be it.
This is an important editorial, read it all.

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