Saturday, September 4, 2010

Its Obama's Economy now - Are we lucky or what?

I was making a comment over at Neoneocon's and though, "why am I not posting that on my own blog?"
Neo was saying this,
"Yesterday on this comments thread there was a smattering of schadenfreude towards young people who voted for Obama and are now out of work.

A number of readers felt that the high rates of unemployment among the young is a case of just desserts: serves them right. And although I want a great many young people to learn the lesson that voting for a con man, an empty suit with little or no experience who makes beautiful promises that mean little or nothing, is a bad idea—and that they retain the information for decades to come, so it doesn’t happen again—there’s no joy in my heart about the rest of it.
So this is the comment I was writing and I do believe it to be true.

I am not blaming these young people. It is Obama’s economy now. I think if McCain had won and we had at least some say in Congress we might have turned it around. We certainly would not have government motors.But we would still have quite a few out of work because of the housing and banking bubble. And we as conservatives, Tea Partiers and President Bush would all be getting the blame.

You know that's true, we were profligate spenders.  Not to the nth degree as Obama has been but we ran up quite a bill.

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