Friday, September 10, 2010

American Thinkser's Thomas Lifson on the raising of the boy - Barry Sotero

This is another of the ideas some of us have discussed since the man first came on the scene, he was all but an abandoned child and that is bound to have shaped his view of America and Americans.  He was not really raised in the way most Americans were, he does not seem to think in the same way most of us do.  Here in America he is alone in his world view in many ways. 
I have told people, including my liberal son, that I consider him still to be "little boy lost" trying to please. I have no doubt he went to Chicago to find a world he felt he could fit into, one where he felt at home.  Unfortunately he found a place the rest of Americans did not approve, the world of Chicago politicians, they have used him for their benefit.  The same is true of the socialists who befriended him and have taught him their ways.  They have used him.  I have no doubt he truly believes we need to spread the wealth. 

Okay, I have said all those things, now read how very well Thomas Lifson lays out the facts.
Where did Barack Obama acquire the self-evident disdain he has for major corporations, especially oil companies, and for the striving classes who have made America prosperous and strong? Many conservatives have noted Barack Obama's class envy, expressed both in his and his bride's resentment over their education debts and desire to live large in the White House, and in his intent, expressed to Joe the Plumber, to "spread the wealth around."
Obama also has made it clear that he is no believer in American exceptionalism -- that we are no more different than Greeks who think Greece is special, or Britons who think that Britain is exceptional. And his commitment of billions to the International Monetary Fund for global income redistribution without any constitutional authorization bespeaks an attitude that America owes the world a share of its wealth -- that we do not deserve the prosperity we have enjoyed. He has in the past told us that we can't have houses as warm as we want, or cars as big as we prefer. We must make do with less so that others may enjoy some of the goodies, in effect.
A few very astute observers have noted Barack Obama's immersion in the anti-colonialist ideology championed by his father, Barack Obama, Sr. On these pages, L.E. Ikenga explained in 2009 how Obama's policies resemble those of post-colonial African elites, full of resentment for the wealth allegedly drained from their societies and anxious to remake them along egalitarian lines with the state (i.e., themselves) in charge of the readjustment.
Read the whole article as he gives the facts of Obama's boyhood of a child who was treated as an outsider, a lower caste than the American's working in Indonesia, his unhappiness with where he was, and his lifestyle.

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