Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tax Refunds for Illegals? What about illegal do they not understand?

This is from Gateway Pundit, and by the way, Gateway has moved to

NY Advocacy Group Helps Illegal Aliens Get Tax Refunds
by Jim Hoft

The Neighborhood Economic Development Agency, an advocacy group in New York, is helping illegal aliens recoup tax refunds.
The Daily News reported:

A Manhattan group is helping illegal immigrants recoup unclaimed state tax refunds – even if they used fake Social Security numbers to work.

The Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project got back thousands for a dozen undocumented New Yorkers who overpaid.

One bodega worker from Jackson Heights had been paying taxes since 2002 but never got a refund – until the group helped him get back $670 from his 2008 return.

“It really helped – we have two young kids,” said his wife, who says they pay taxes because “it’s the right thing to do.”
(ed.note: this is one of the most pitiful statements I've ever heard, does she not realize what Undocumented or illegal means? It seems as though she actually has very good intentions.)

Thousands more could be due a windfall from the Department of Taxation and Finance.

“We’ve been getting calls from people who say they’ve been filing taxes for more than 10 years, and they’ve never gotten a refund,” said Deyanira Del Rio, the advocacy group’s associate director.

Since 1996, a growing number of undocumented immigrants have filed taxes using a special ID number, without alerting immigration officials.

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