Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Texas Wins

From San Antonio:
Canseco overtakes Rodriguez in Dist. 23
By Gilbert Garcia - Express-News
San Antonio businessman Francisco “Quico” Canseco knocked off U.S. District 23 Rep. Ciro Rodriguez late Tuesday in one of the state’s most hard-fought congressional races.
Canseco, 61, a banker-attorney who relocated from Laredo in 2006, built a solid early-voting lead in Bexar County, which makes up two-thirds of the district’s electorate, with Rodriguez, 63, making a small dent in that margin as Election Day results rolled in.
Associated Press From the Waco Tribune
GOP makes huge gains over Democrats in Texas House
by April Castro & JAY ROOT,
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas Democrats suffered staggering losses in the state Legislature, losing their House leader and several longtime incumbents who weren't even considered vulnerable.

Twenty-one Democrats lost Tuesday night, including 14-year veteran Rep. Jim Dunnam of Waco, the longtime Democratic House leader, who was defeated by rancher Marva Beck.

Flores ousts Edwards from Congress

Bill Flores, a first-time candidate, crested a surge of conservative enthusiasm in toppling the 10-term congressman.
Corpus Christi Democratic Reps. Solomon Ortiz Jr. and Abel Herrero, along with Rep. Paula Pierson of Arlington, all fell in Election Night upsets. Other Democratic incumbents who lost Tuesday included Reps. Patrick Rose of Dripping Springs and Valinda Bolton of Austin.

Democrat Rep. Kirk England of Grand Prairie was defeated by Rodney Anderson by fewer than 200 votes and Democrat Ellen Cohen of Houston lost to Republican Sarah Davis by 725 votes.
In Round Rock, first-term Democrat Rep. Diana Maldonado lost her seat to Republican graphic designer Larry Gonzales. The suburban district has long been considered a Republican stronghold, but Maldonado saw an opening in 2008 when the longtime GOP incumbent decided not to seek re-election after he barely broke 50 percent in 2006.

A couple of Republicans embroiled in ethics scandals were considered vulnerable but held on to their seats.

Republican Rep. Linda Harper Brown in Irving won re-election. She was the subject of an ethics complaint involving her use of a Mercedes-Benz owned by a company that makes millions through state transportation contracts.

Republican Rep. Joe Driver of Garland, whose double billings to the state and his campaign for travel expenses have come under criminal review, also retained his seat.

Changes in the Texas House could have a big effect the upcoming legislative session. Straus, the speaker, faces a challenge from a more conservative GOP candidate. Straus said early Wednesday he has 122 pledges of support from lawmakers, which would be enough to hold on to his leadership position.

The House members also will help decide how the state deals with a massive budget shortfall. The Legislature also is expected to redraw congressional district lines using new Census data — a highly partisan task that in the past has been marked by quorum-busting shenanigans.
This is the best round up I could find for one post about Texas.

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