Monday, November 29, 2010

Elites vs Us the tea partiers

Another good article from the Washington Post. This one by Charles Murray who has been in the crosshairs of "the elite" ever since he wrote Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life.  The "Elite" have been at odds with his conclusions on intelligence and race. Here is his latest: 
The tea party warns of a New Elite. They're right.
The tea party appears to be of one mind on at least one thing: America has been taken over by a New Elite.

"On one side, we have the elites," Fox News host Glenn Beck explained last month, "and the other side, we have the regular people." The elites are "no longer in touch with what the country is really thinking," Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle complained this summer. And when Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell recently began a campaign ad by saying, "I didn't go to Yale," she could be confident that her supporters would approve.

All this has made the New Elite distinctly touchy (see Maureen Dowd's "Making Ignorance Chic"), dismissive (see Jacob Weisberg's "Elitist Nonsense") and defensive (see Anne Applebaum's "The Rise of the 'Ordinary' Elite").

"Elite?" they seem to be saying. "Who? Us?"
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  1. Ms. Applebaum seems to think only Ivy League grads have high IQ's .... the rest of us are the envious great unwashed. Doesn't she understand that education can happen in other universities? Anti-education has happened in her mind because the country isn't bowing down to the graduates of the great Ivy League universities.