Sunday, November 7, 2010

Must Read articles for Sunday, Nov 7th

Why I quit... Desert Storm vet explains decision to leave Air Force after 22 years

This confirms my belief that the war was prolonged and people died because the Democrats used the war as a tool to hammer President Bush.

Work-shy will be 'pushed' into working for free by welfare revolution This is from Great Britain, we could learn something here from him.

AIFD PRESS RELEASE: American Muslim organization applauds Oklahoma anti-shariah law I wish we heard from more Muslims like this.

Assessing midterm losses, Democrats ask whether Obama's White House fully grasped voters' fears  another one that speaks for itself.

Chris Christie irks David Gregory by calling him an advocate  too much truth for David Gregory to handle.

The Biofuels Scam

Obama jumps on natural gas bandwagon  this could be good news for Texas, if true.

Frank Luntz: Forget red and blue, it's a Tea Party nation  What voters want.

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  1. I like this format - more like Drudge, I suppose, but that's not why I like it. I like not having to read the first and then go on down, etc.