Friday, November 12, 2010

"the country is just not into you"

That is part of the closing line of of the last paragraph of one of the most interesing analogies I have ever seen.  In a post written by  by Oleg Atbashian.  He compares Obama's lies with a teenage boy trying to score with a girl.  He says, "When my old lies didn't work(ing) anymore and I needed to up my game, I sounded exactly like post-midterm Obama.

He goes on: I wonder how many American voters had elected Obama, not because they shared his theories or understood any of his hope and change rhetoric, but simply because they shared the same political hormones. Perhaps the number of voters with the hormone-impaired thinking can roughly be calculated by taking the amount of votes for Obama in 2008 and subtracting the much smaller amount of Democratic votes in 2010. Easy come, easy go.

I know how American liberals feel. Most of my Ukrainian girlfriends in my younger years must have been archetypal conservatives, while my endocrinal excesses made me an untrainable liberal. I thought I had their mandate, I didn’t listen, I pushed my agenda, and they voted me out of their lives.

Go read it all, it's a very interest concept.

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