Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lobbyists Wrote the Reform Bill -- and They're Proud of That

Do not vote for any incumbent, ever again. Please. Time to clean house. Speaking of "time".

The article is in TIME magazine. And it's amazing and disgusting. This country is run by lobbyists. They write the bills. Below is an excerpt from a paragraph talking about the money the financial guys spent on lobbyists for this new "reform" bill:

"And what did the money managers get for their $15 million investment? While lawmakers did manage to boost the taxes of hedge-fund managers and other folks who collect carried interest as part of their work, they agreed to a compromise (tucked into a pending tax bill) that will tax part of those earnings at the regular rate and another part at a lower capital-gains rate. The result? A tax bite about $10 billion smaller than what the reformers wanted. "

They're just getting warmed up. Read more:,8599,2000880,00.html

TIME's article on how big pharma had their way with the Healthcare Bill:,8599,1931595,00.html

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