Friday, July 30, 2010

Beware of Democrats trying to Divide and Conquer

Always unable to compete on a level playing field, Democrats are once again corrupting the system to manufacture electoral victories for themselves in November. This time, they have established a slate of bogus "Tea Party" candidates in Michigan to split the vote across the board and minimize the left's losses.
From the Detroit Free Press:
Affidavits filed by more than half of the 23 candidates from Michigan's mysterious Tea Party were notarized by the political director of the Oakland County Democratic Party, elections records show, providing more fuel for suspicions that Democrats organized the new party to hurt Republican chances in the November election.
The party, which most of the tea party movement's visible leaders in Michigan disavow, also is represented by a Lansing attorney with long ties to state Democrats. And the California-based petition firm hired to collect signatures to qualify the new party for the November ballot was used by Michigan Democrats for another stealth petition drive two years.
As I have noted, Democrats have also been busted using a phony Tea Party candidate to split the vote for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. They have also funded professional smear campaigns against Tea Parties, impotently tried to copy them with their own "grassroots" movement, and were even caught trying to infiltrate them to discredit the cause from within.
Desperate much?

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