Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Alchemists rise again

 Back when the world was coming out of the dark ages, men of note were the alchemist.  In case you don't know what alchemy means, or is, this is the wikipedia definition:
Alchemy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The best-known goals of the alchemists were the transmutation of common metals into gold (called chrysopoeia) or silver (less well known is plant alchemy, ...

Every time I read of more and more money being spent on solar energy I think "alchemy."  We are beginning to believe in magic.  Magically we will solve the energy crisis. Magically we will produce all the power we need from wind and sun.   The source of all energy is the sun.  It has been working to produce what we need from the time the earth began. We need to tap into more of what it has stored up for us through the eons, with gas, coal, and oil.

We need to quit playing the game that we are in charge of the planet. We are on it, we can use it, but we cannot fundamentally change it. I do not worship the earth.  I respect it. I do not believe that man is powerful enough to even ruin it.  Small portions of where we are, yes, we can ruin that. But the earth immediatley begins to heal itself.  We are minscule on it.

Let's get a grip, let's quit thinking we are more powerful than we are.  Let us just start using the gifts of the earth we are given more wisely, making sure our way of life is sustained for our grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Let the alchemists stay in history where they belong, not in the halls of power trying to convince naive politicians they are the all knowing gods of the universe.

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