Sunday, August 2, 2009

Take CNN's Big Poll Now!

Here's your chance to send a message -- it's simple to do, but covers a lot of issues -- including the media, Hillary and Biden. It shows you the dismal results immediately too. Of course, Congress and the media get the lowest ratings. Kind of like used car salesmen and lawyers. Wait... Congress is mostly lawyers who are so stupid they destroy used cars instead of reselling them. (We are so screwed...)

Maybe since it's CNN, someone in D.C. will notice and the shroud of arrogance will slip just ever so slightly and a shred of reality could slip through. Though the chance is slim they'll realize all those Tea Parties truly reflected the feeling of a huge portion of the nation, there is a chance it could do some good. Take it now. You'll feel better as your disdain for what is going on is confirmed by your fellow Americans. And the maps shows results state-by-state.
And maybe CNN will notice the media scores a D average in every state, same as Congress.

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