Monday, August 17, 2009

A Fair Article in the Denver Post on the Man who studied the Bill

One man's criticisms of health reform stir the debate
Fleckman's criticisms of health reform are being used at meetings nationwide

By Michael Booth of The Denver Post

If the health-care town halls of recent weeks are tinderboxes fueled by mass talking points, then a good portion of the paper kindling was supplied by a guy who has dubbed himself Fleckman. One Peter Fleckenstein of Arizona is the Twitter-savvy keyboardist behind sheets of conservative talking points rolled up, waved and jabbed at testy forums across the nation.

Fleckenstein says he is a father of two in Phoenix and was in the military. Weeks ago, he began combing one of the primary health-care reform bills under his Fleckman persona. He blogged and tweeted, to more than 6,000 followers, with page references to what he saw as especially egregious liberal ideas in the bill, HR 3200.
"Page 29: Admission: your health care will be rationed," is one example, or
"Page 124 . . . put simply, private insurers will be crushed."
Fleckenstein's blunt review struck the right nerves, and speakers against the Obama- sponsored health bills have cribbed his words to attack the plans. "I don't know the gentleman who put them together, but they're everywhere," said Jeff Crank of the Colorado office of Americans for Prosperity, which is fighting the health-reform bills.

This is posted at The Denver Post, Mr Fleckenstein linked it at his blog Common Sense from a Common Man and praised it for being a fair representation of the interview.
Go give them both the honor of your attention and read it all.

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