Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Health Care in the UK

A Real Life Victim Of An NHS Death Panel
AJ Strata of the Strata Sphere

This heart rending story of a deadly botched test on a young woman not only underscores how the ‘death panels’ operate, it thrusts the human tragedy of government run health care deep into one’s soul:
Mrs Brickell, first asked for a smear test at the age of 19 but was told she didn’t need one until she was 20-years-old. A year later, when she returned to her doctor, she was told that the age had been raised to 25. At 23, she was diagnosed with an incurable cervical cancer.

My oldest daughter is 24, and this just tears at my heart. This woman has been condemned to die by a faceless, cost obsessed death panel trying to skimp on costs by delaying a simple, life saving and inexpensive test. This is Obamacare if we go with a government run health care system. This is unacceptable.

This is the entire post, but go give the Strata Sphere a look.

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