Saturday, August 22, 2009

Even the New York Times??!!

I don't read Hugh Hewitt much and don't get him on the radio, but I understand it would be good if I could. This post showed up in a link from
New York Times To Seniors: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Even the New York Times has to admit that Obamacare would push granny and gramps to an early grave. Sure, Robert Pear tries to deliver the news gently, but if the Times is telling the seniors to be worried, that's an unmistakable signal to seniors that Obamacare is very bad news for them. The Democrats in Congress are trying to build their political base on the backs of the nation's elderly, and the elderly won't forget that in 15 months. After years of warning seniors that the GOP was gunning for them, the Obama-Pelosi coalition has emerged as the single greatest threat to the Greatest Generation (and even the front edge of the Boomers.)
President Obama's dropping approval ratings don't fully reflect the senior's increasing fear of his proposals. But they will, and very soon. The more the president invests in Obamacare, the more Congressional Democrats will pay in next fall's elections. An abandonment of the botched plan could lead to an Obama rebound and a fresh round of willingness to believe in his potential to chart a new course in American politics, but given his increasingly strident rhetoric, his circle of advisors and their interests, and his commitment to Alinskyite/Chicago rules, expect him to press forward no matter how disastrous the consequences to the Blue Dogs and various Senate Democrats.
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