Friday, August 21, 2009

Have you read "We the Living" by Ayn Rand?

Well, I haven't either, but I am old enough to remember the title. I sure didn't realize there was a movie. This is another link from .

Ayn Rand and Socialized Medicine
by Erika Holzer

In an essay I wrote a few months ago, I raised a rhetorical question in response to the huge increase in sales of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Yes, there was a gratifying surge in the sales of Rand’s magnum opus. But why?

Given the no-holds-barred assault on free-market capitalism and individual rights, why the unprecedented boost in sales of a 52-year-old thousand-page novel, but no corresponding boost in Rand’s equally relevant and highly persuasive non-fiction?

Here’s how I answered my own rhetorical question:

“One evening back in the mid-60s, when my husband and I were Ayn Rand’s lawyers [and] the three of us took a break from business ... Rand drew a fascinating distinction about the impact that ... fiction, as opposed to nonfiction, has on readers. ‘Reading non-fiction,’ she told us, ‘is mainly an intellectual exercise whereas fiction
involves the reader in a personal experience. It’s the difference between reading a technical manual on flying a jet airplane as opposed to experiencing the actual sensation of hurtling through space in one. The manual may be educational, even stimulating, but the plane ride is happening to you.’” (Emphasis Rand’s.)
Go read the entire article to get the story of the movie, you will find it very interesting.

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