Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mark Steyn is so Right (pun intended!)

From National Review Online again.
A Liberty Issue Government health care would be wrong even if it “controlled costs.”
By Mark Steyn

My conservative friends — and even a few media liberals — are agreed: The bloom is off the Obama rose. He’s not the Obamessiah, just another 50-percent president. He tried to do too much too fast, and his numbers are sinking. The Europeanization of health care is dead. Fuhgeddabouddit.

I wouldn’t be so sure. President Obama has no choice but to move fast, in part because the image he presented during the campaign — a post-partisan, post-racial, post-anything-unpleasant-and-controversial, pragmatic centrist — was a total crock. He has a vast transformative domestic agenda and — because most of its elements are not terribly popular — he has to accomplish it at speed, or he won’t get it done at all.
There is lot's more of this wonderful Mark Steyn essay at the link.

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