Thursday, August 13, 2009

Health Care Bill Index Part II; The Alphabetical Index

Alamo Pundit has an update:
Health Care Bill Index Part II; The Alphabetical Index

A week ago I published this post on this blog:

Peter Fleckenstein, at his “Common Sense from a Common Man” Blog has this handy guide to what’s in the Health Care Reform Bill, as well as a link to the PDF file of the actual bill located right HERE. Pete has been reading the entire 1,018 pages of the Health Care bill and documenting it on Twitter (which is why this list might look funny; it’s a list of cached Tweets). But the links work, and I decided to just cut and paste it right into here so you can see where he posted it and such for bona-fides.

And let me be clear in fairness to the author, Peter: This is by no means all my work. It’s the work of Peter Fleckenstein (Twitter @Fleckman), who has given his permission to publish it in blogs in order to get the word out on the Health Care bill. There’s an e-mail circulating with a partial list of the first 500 pages of his work that doesn’t credit Peter.

In the meantime I’ve (finally!) finished the alphabetical, line-by-line Index to Pete’s work. So without further ado; here’s the links to the complete lists. They have been edited for legibility, and come in two versions:

(1) The Alphabetical Index (which has been edited for clarity by me), and

(2) The Original Page-by-Page Version from Pete Fleckenstein.

(3) Plus the Link to the Original Bill HERE.

Everything you need for the Town Hall Meeting with your stubborn as a mule Congressman right here. Permission to reproduce is given as long as Pete and I get credited; just put the web address on your e-mail and throw some hits our way. Okay?

By the way; Microsoft Word and Wordperfect versions of the Index are available free by e-mailing

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