Monday, August 3, 2009

A Defense of Joe the Plumber

From American Thinker:
His Name is Joe and He's a Plumber
By Randall Hoven

I first heard it from a regular Daily Kos reader: "He's known as Joe the Plumber, except his name's not Joe and he's not a plumber." Now, almost a year after Joe first met Barack, Reuters is still playing that tune. I've had enough of it......
Name. Joe's full name is Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher. He goes by his middle name, Joseph. That means it is his real name. His name is Joe. Many people go by their middle names. Can you name the 28th President of the United States? That would be Wilson, or more correctly, Thomas Woodrow Wilson. When newspapers and history books stop calling him "Woodrow Wilson" and start calling him
"Thomas Wilson", we'll start calling Joe the Plumber "Sam the Plumber".
Go read it all. I was so disgusted at the treatment this man received I joined his website and ordered his book before it was published. This article is good but nothing is going to take away the terrible hazing this man was given by the MSM.

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